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sulawesi tour guide jotje lala

sulawesi tour guide jotje lala
guide jotje lala can guide you around sulawesi.
from north sulawesi to gorontalo especialy for to see the endemic wild life about babirusa[pigdeer]in adudunantu forest sulawesi-gorontalo.http://sulawesiadudunantutour.blogspot.com

sulawesi tour guide jotje lala can also guide you to tangkoko nature reserve to see the wildlife as like as small carnivor mongkey called by local minahasa tangkasi and in english called tarcius spectrum.http://tangkokonaturereserve.blogspot.com

other thing you can see black macaca nigra,hornbill,kingfisherbirds,pittabird and so on.http://tangkokonaturereservetour.blogspot.com

sulawesi guide jotje lala can guide you for dumoga bone nationalpark for tosee maleo bird and other birds and wildlife.http://dumogabonenationalpark.blogspot.com

sulawesi guide jotje lala can guide also for bunaken island tour
snorkling tour and diving organize,and stay in siladen island.
guide jotje knows about bunaken best coral for snorkling.http://tourbunakenisland.blogspot.com

other info about bunaken.www.bunakenseagarden.blogspot.com

sulawesi guide jotje can also guide you for minahasa highland.http://minahasahighlandtour.blogspot.com

sulawesi guide jotje lala can guide volcanoes  in north sulawesi as lokon volcano,soputan volcano,and mahawu volcano.http://lokonvolcanoguide.blogspot.com


sulawesi guide jotje lala can guide you for to see sulawesi birds.http://sulawesibirdwatchingtour.blogspot.com

sulawesi guide jotje lala information
before i am in happy flower homestay so i made information about happy flower homestay.http://happyflowerhomestay.blogspot.com

but i am not in happyflower homestay now. i am now in wailan inn 100 m only from my village.http://wailaninn.blogspot.com
if you need me to organize your tour in sulawesi
i am ready for you.
just contact me:jotje lala[yoce lala]
mobile phone :+62 81340310671

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